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Tourism gets the green light, are the conditions favourable?

This week (beginning of July 2020) has seen the decision by the CM to start tourist operations again in Goa. We think possibly only the hotels involved are actually pleased about this one as with huge spikes in Covid-19 cases on the very days that the hotels were open, this seems a very unpopular decision.


Its seems that the CM was leaned on by the tourism stakeholders to open but he himself feels that there is little risk as the flights into Goa are not full and although restaurants are open in Goa there are no customers so very few will start up making a holiday in Goa a little miserable right now.

Taxi drivers are not happy (nothing new) but they have a point


If your plan is to book a luxury night in a hotel and then skip on to a budget private room, think again, any private room opening without permission will face penalty and lets face it, no housing society/apartment residency is yet willing to see strangers through their gates, so room managers putting in tourists may well face public thrashing from angry residents also. Not a good sight and possibly close to the truth.


What about the weather?? Well its been a wash out all week


Heavy rain has lashed the state and will continue to do so until Tuesday, lets face it, its a good job there is nowhere to float our canoe to as we may just sink is this rain which is causing flooding and leakages just about everywhere.

This was the view from my office literally as I was writing this, not exactly holiday weather is it?

If you are desperate to see the rain and wander around empty streets looking for a place to eat come...However be prepared to pay hotel food and drink prices only for now as very few private vendors waste money opening. Here is a list of Govt approved hotels that can allow you to stay. If your hotel is not on this list, you are not coming in the Govt says!


Spare a thought for my two loyal staff members who still hopped on the scooter and went cleaning in this weather! Brave souls.

Thank you to Melissa Walker Horn and Unsplash.com for the cover photo.

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