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The vibes around the villages on the season to come

I have been trying to spot signs of whether there is any optimism within the villages Goa with regards to the current monsoon and upcoming tourist season.

Before tourism, local Goans mainly concentrated on fishing, farming or retail.

Over he past 16 years we have personally in our lovely village seen a shift towards tourism as taxi garages replaced cow sheds and recently medium scale guest houses have started to take over paddy fields and any spare spot of land. Many village locals have some form of extension on their house where there is a guest room or two or anyone with space at the rear have built rooms to host local labour that help with hotel construction in the state. New buildings have become a way of life and the old style farming has been a little neglected.

This year things look very different. The buildings are there and the taxis are sat in their garages but something new has entered the village. There used to be a distant hum of a tractor in the field in June turning over the soil ready for sewing seeds. This year there were roars of the machines as everyone started to plough. Not everyone used the new machinery, the odd Oxen and plough have also been spotted. Its however significant to see that the amount of fields that are now being physically worked by local villagers is on the higher side than in recent years.

This is showing there there is quite clearly no optimism that the tourist season will provide an income and food for local Goans this year, they are clearly growing their own, a welcome site as it it good to see this upsurge in farming again albeit that the reasons behind this shift is a season wiped out by Covid-19. Hopefully this new trend for farming will last for a few years.

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