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The lull before the storm (literally)

Its early June and we are all waiting for the 2020 SW monsoon to officially begin. I have to admit that a few days ago we did think it was here as water was flooding through parts of the house reaching places never before been damp, however that turned out to be cyclone Nisarga. We had some heavy rain and winds but nothing much more than a passing cyclone offers. Mumbai had it worse we hear.

According to the Times of India the monsoon will arrive next week pretty much on track so ill keep the wellies out. We have pushed away Mays blazing sun so that is good news although when you rely on solar power for hot water it makes for a less than comfortable shower!

The storm of Covid-19 still rages with anger at the moment in the state. Some relative of a Panchayat member thought she was being clever by using her contacts to dodge the test at the border, she arrived into Goa for a wedding 9(!!!!******* you have to ask yourself why). After being in the state a few days she fell ill and was confirmed with Covid-19. The local population and basically all of us that have spent the past few month in our houses are not exactly happy as there have been very few person to person transmission cases so far but this could change things a lot. There is also an area of Vasco suffering with positive cases so they are attempting to isolate it but easier said than done I think.

Borders are open but the news to tourists is STAY AWAY. That is something we are whole heartedly backing. We do not want to open the floodgates yet. The sanitation kits arriving with the help of Amazon are almost complete but we are not racing to welcome guests just yet.

International flights are not here yet but there is a whisper that if you have a B1 or B2 visa you could get in if you managed to find a flight. Thats us sorted then.....Just got to see what they do with the tourist visas.

Obviously with no flights coming in supplies of non essential luxury items are drying up. I cant get my dishwasher tablets! Not a great hardship I suppose but it is when you come to use the rock in our lives that is Amazon that your realise we are all still going through a crisis. No flights means no update on visas so cant help you guys there.

Anyone stranded in the state with foreign passports are managing to stay above the law by registering online with the FRRO who are giving visa extensions without question which is taking the stress out of the situation for many.

Any other news? I dont think so right now. Over the monsoon with the blogs ill try and keep you all updates with any Goa news, news from our trusted charity Goa Outreach and will start to feature properties on our website highlighting why you may wish to stay there, that may be of interest to some folks.

We are here in Goa and are contactable via the website www.abracasagoa.com.

If you want to drop a message and say Hi please do so.

You can also find us on Facebook see https://www.facebook.com/AbraCasaGoaIndia

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