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Just a little update

Its been a weekend of sunshine and showers here in Goa with very little sign of the monsoon at times, then a sudden cloudburst. Ok for some but for me I prefer the rain as when the sun shines in between the showers its very hot and sticky. However on the upside we have again had hot water for the weekend so not complaining.

On the Covid-19 front (I promised I would keep some people updated via the blog) the cases continue to rise sharply. Mainly lack of common sense spreading this one me thinks..... See the link below.


However yesterday India announced a possible travel bubble scheme!! International flights MAY resume with mutual agreement. That doesn't necessarily mean tourist visas will be reinstated yet, it may only be business travel or PIO/OCI however worth keeping an on. While Covid-19 cases continue to rise sharply in India, don't expect many countries to open their arms to this yet.


In healthcare there seems to be some realisation that things are going to become bad with Goa getting 50 ventilators and another 150 by the end of the month. These may well be very much required, especially as today (22nd June 2020) the first death appears to be logged in the state against Covid-19


As for real life I would like to report that the locals go about daily life as if there is not much going on. Mapusa was heaving this morning. We had to attend Mapusa CID for yearly paperwork and that was fairly busy, they did make you sanitise and you had a temp check before you entered, The same for the RTO office, everyone with masks and some queuing going on but the same old wait for some time response from the staff, no rush for anything. Yesterday we went to Anjuna Police Station (for the same paperwork) and although again masks compulsory, and sanitisation was there there was not much else to inspire you with confidence. One policeman came out of his office and spat straight into the courtyard area of the lobby right in front of us!! In normal circumstances thats not on but in these days.......We needed our reports completed so we buttoned our lips and walked out, however it gives you an insight into what India in general is battling with. Social distancing (lack of) and personal hygiene (lack of in some) will allow this virus to spread faster than many places. The Governments are trying to educate, but it's simply being ignored by the majority.

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