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Goa Update Week 13th-19th July

Well haven't we had some rain? It again been raining all week, we are apparently 30% up on the normal monsoon rainfall at the moment. The monsoon generally evens itself out and we get around the expected amount of rain so going on the rainfall over the last 2 weeks I expect a dry August!!


However this is the bizarre year that is 2020 so expect the unexpected.

The fields are green and I did manage a couple f pictures on my walk yesterday. The cover photo and this one

You can see how green it is and how much water there is on the fields.

It has hardly stopped raining and heavy rain at that but locally (as ive not been far) its quite noticeable how little flooding there is. The water that is pouring from the sky does appear to be running into the fields where it belongs.

There are significant rises in Covid-19 cases this week

These are figures from the beginning of the week

Now it is much worse.

Our friend at Goa outreach

has designed a map to show the active cases by area


The up to date figures on cases are shown here


That will keep Rob busy updating that one.

So cases are rising in Goa why?


More cases are coming and most appear to be coming in from out of state. Cases in India are still rising and now


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter joins the rest of the family i hospital (according to the Guardian).

So all these new cases lead to

So here we are, day 3 of another lockdown, will it be the last? Many don't think so, this may extend or more will happen soon. At least this time we had 24 hours notice but it did cause a few ques in the shops on Thursday leading to opposition parties being very critical of the lockdown. For us its no different apart from we don't see the Amazon man daily delivering the things we don't need but have ordered as we are bored!! Hopefully he will be back by tomorrow,

What else?

We are still working on AbraCasa property handbooks making them all digital via Hello Here. Therefore every guest coming (if anyone ever returns) will receive a digital handbook and instructional videos on their property plus details directions and drive in videos making sure everyone gets video guidance with reaching the property and using the appliances. Good old You Tube is helping here and we are about 25% of the way through these. Hopefully customers when they do return will find them helpful.

Thats it for Goa this week sorry its all Covid-19 doom and gloom again but there isn't much else in the news right now. Have a good week.

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