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Goa update 2/8/20 to 8/8/20


Welcome from the not so sunny Goa!

What a week weatherwise, its been windy (very) dull, dark gloomy and very very rainy. Not that bad when we have nothing to do and nowhere to go but at times I kept wishing for the rain to just stop as I thought my roof was going to totally come off and the deluge of rain would wash us all away!

Things are looking up though as the sun is peeking through the clouds today and right now it is actually dry.

So are there any updates?? Not really on and above what has already been posted on FB in numerous groups.

Covid-19 gets ever closer as we all seem to now know someone who has a close friend or family member/neighbour that has now tested positive. Positive cases are climbing steeply still. The emerging pattern is however similar to recent weeks, high cases but not that may people with bad symptoms and less deaths than many places (reported).


There have so far been just 80 deaths which is far more than anyone wanted but in the light of things it seems pretty good so far. The majority are elderly and over 50 per cent are from Mormugao taluka.

Robs map from Goa Outreach shows the cases well, please follow him on a daily basis.


What isn't helping India now is the fact that we are approaching Holiday season.

On August 3rd Raksha Bandhan was there:-

Traditionally the ritual involves siblings coming together in celebration, with the sister applying tilak to the bother’s forehead and tying a Rakhi or bracelet to his wrist. The Rakhi itself serves as the protective band that ensures the safety of the brother and he in turn promises her the same. Nowadays, you can finds Rakhi bands of all shapes and sizes from which you can select one that represents your sibling bond the best.

In the modern interpretation of this ritual, the roles can go either way. The attention shifts from the religious aspect to a more playful exchange of gifts and a mutual understanding of peace, at least for a day! Sometimes rakhis are tied to elder sister if one doesn’t have an older brother, sometimes rakhis are tied to friends and distant relatives especially in the case of single children. No matter how it is carried out, the essence remains the same, the rakhi is tied to someone who has been caring and nurturing towards you, always looking out for you, gender and relations are secondary.

It is inbuilt into the culture to celebrate these events come rain or shine and so they did. This has led to many households coming together and so a little more virus being spread around.

On August 15th there is India Independence Day which will be celebrated by the Government with a bit of pomp, ceremony and self importance lets see what social distancing is observed there in the name of making India look good.

Traditionally Indians take a long weekend and flood to Goa, this has been our busiest weekend for the last few years however all of our places are still closed and will remain so.

On Saturday 22nd August Ganesh Chaturthi is there. This one is big, really big and families roam here and there from one house to the next celebrating the Ganesh Festival and eating food together, this will certainly be a testing time for the whole of India as really they should be urged to curb all celebrations to a minimum to avoid community transmission. I very much doubt that this will happen and we may then see a huge spike in cases. We really need to be certain that something will control this virus soon as we will then soon have Gandhi Jayanti and Diwali upon us, that will see huge gatherings. Tradition is tradition its not going to change, some people may try to social distance but not all and that is worrying in my opinion.

Our apartments have now been blocked until the end of October as we cant see any opening yet, we have one foreign guest booked for September but we have sadly had to inform them that unless a miracle happens its not not going to happen, the start to a very frustrating season methinks.

However there is slight movement on the international flight front

British Airways has announced that it will recommence direct flights between India and London Heathrow, under a bilateral arrangement with the Indian government. These flight services will restart from August 17, 2020.

As per MHA guidelines, individuals will be allowed to travel if:

  • They are a citizen of the country they are flying to.

  • They have a green card, permanent residency status OCI card or any other special status in that country.

  • They are stranded in close neighbouring countries and permitted to exit through India.

  • They are an Indian national destined to the UK who is holding any type of visa of any country (other than a tourist visa) with a minimum of one month’s validity.

For the full story see


On a parting note

In Goa, you can break all health norms, put your own and life of others at risk, hold a raving party resulting in a brawl and walk free. You just need to be rich and influential. Anjuna police doesn’t want to arrest anybody in the Arpora underground party and brawl case. As per them, statements of the accused and injured boys have been recorded and that is enough. All the boys seen partying in the videos hail from high profile and rich families from Panaji. They can be clearly seen violating all norms of social distancing and night curfew in force till 10th August in the state. None of them were wearing a mask too. The party leads to violent brawl resulting in damage to a car and severe injuries to two boys. One of the boys has got 20 stitches on his face. However, in spite of this, Anjuna police feels that there is no need for any arrest.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH3wgHnGVLE for the video,

its not only the UK that is partying its happening everywhere. Never mind.

Stay safe x

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