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Goa monsoon 2020 part 1

Its June 2nd 2020 and its a bit damp underfoot! That is a little early here is Goa? Anyone used to the monsoons will know that we normally get a shower or two and a few storms at this time of year with the monsoon hitting us on or around the 7th, right now it seems like it has come early. It hasnt of course, the SW monsoon hit Kerela yesterday and the dull damp skies have quickly swallowed us up and taken away the blazing sun, a welcome relief to many.

So within a day or two our sky will be lighting up with flashes and booms and the spectacular monsoon will begin. Predictions are that the monsoon will be 'good' to the rest of us that means wet so we better get the rain jackets out or at least hope Decathlon open up next week to allow a refresh of the old jacket that has seen better days. So as the monsoon progresses we will keep you updates with the highs a lows of the 2020 rainy season as each one is different and brings different challenges to us all.

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