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Bon Voyage Update

Well the saga continues. The bus was a no go and trains seemed elusive. Noojamal made plans to stay for the monsoon and we made plans to work out how to get him a wage.

Then at 9pm Friday evening there was a knock at the door and Noojamal was there, he was told that he had to get to Bambolim hospital by 10pm to have a test for travel tomorrow, then stay in Bambolim stadium for the night to await passage. The only drawer back was that he had 7 other friends that all had the same instructions and now we had to quickly find transport. Our trusted driver Thomas was there to lend a hand and we started the mini evacuation. This took much longer than expected as friends were still wrapping their world in blankets and stuffing things into oversized buckets (obviously expecting to be their train seat) Also 7 freinds turned out to be around 10 people in a 7 seater plus luggage was a little bit of a squeeze.

We made our way to Bambolim (avoiding the Police) and were directed straight to the football ground. We reached and found it closed BUT the staff there were great, they saw that people had been told to come (around 30 in total) and told us not to worry the people we had dropped plus other waiting outside would be fed and soon would be let into the ground and allowed to sleep, the medical procedure would then take place in the morning. On that note we left just hoping they kept their word.

We have this afternoon been informed that Noojamal was let into the ground, they were allowed into an ac room and also allowed to sleep anywhere they wanted in the stadium, they have had their test and are now on the train. Each person has again been fed and a food parcel has been put on each seat for the journey, he is very happy as its the best journey he has ever had. WE wish them a very safe journey home to West Bengal.

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