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Bon Voyage guys and gals (and Baba)

At AbraCasa we have dedicated staff that work for us. Some all year round, some season time only and some that are there most of the time but have a small monsoon break. Without them we couldnt operate. Vinod, Noojamal, Surja, and Sumita are there plus Guluppi and a helping hand from Noojamals little boy. Their jobs range from cleaning/ guest management/laundry/general maintenance and making us tea when we are in the office!!

Due to Covid-19 Surja who was due to leave in early May has been stuck (Indian state borders have been closed to all traffic) and Noojamal due to leave at the end of May knew he had to find transport as trains are still not allowing people to book them. They put names down on a list for repatriation buses that were being organised by the Government, but they came to nothing. Yesterday after paying another Rs8000 travel fare Surja finally got out on a private bus. Noojamal, Guluppi and Baba were supposed to follow but their bus driver is still in Mapusa awaiting permissions to be granted for border crossing. They waited all day today and nothing still.....Tomorrow they say.

This is typical of India, red tape goes before peoples lives and it is so annoying as they just dont know whether they are going tomorrow or not. Not easy when your child is only 2 years old!

Lets see what tomorrow brings and hopefully we will be able to report that they have left.

Vinod and Sumita will hold the fort here over the monsoon and we wish them all VERY safe travels.

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