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A week in Goa July 5th-12th

What has been going on around Goa this week? Its all Covid-19 again with cases on the rise, large states locking down again and Big B announcing he and his family are sick with it


India is totally struggling now to contain this virus the news that Big B has contracted it can only help the situation a little and maybe make people wake up to the fact that it isn't yet going away.

It has been a very wet week weatherwise, we must be well above the average rainfall right now.

A few select restaurants are open, we were lucky enough to see the set up at Wok and Roll this week. The set up was well organised with temp checks, sanitiser and the staff keeping a social distance, the food was superb as usual. Tables were very far apart but that wasn't a problem anyway as we were the only ones passing through. It is generally still quiet around Goa. The large 5 star hotels are open for business but there is no sign on the roads of their guests, if they are here they are staying firmly inside the resorts.

Driving around you can see many small local restaurants now opening and they are getting filled for lunch with the local guys and any one close to a police station gets the police clientele for lunch, so things are getting better for a few. The rest are pretty much operating a take away and delivery system which is very popular.

Supermarkets are still sanitising and checking temperature before you get in the door but they are not being so careful limiting customers now so you have to be wary in there.

Decathlon is open with the same protocols and you can scan your own items and pay online before you reach the checkout so you actually don't need to be in contact with anyone, that is a good system if you can get your head around the self scan system and have no multi buy items in your basket!

There was a story flying around that staff in Newtons had Covid-19 but not much evidence was there to support that so that must be disregarded until proved. Possible jealous competition.

Here at AbraCasa we have been deep cleaning, beds, wardrobes pulled out, kitchens empties, ac units taken apart and cleaned we are making the most of the quiet time to get into the unseen. We still can't see guests returning yet, we have blocked calendars now until the end of August to give more time for things to settle down but looking at the situation we can't yet see that light at the end of the tunnel yet

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